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Going from strength to strength

Over the last few years, the craft beer industry in Ireland has gone from strength to strength, with approximately 14 microbreweries operating in Ireland today. Beer connoisseurs from across the country seek out brew pubs in favour of the mainstream bars. The process of brewing is age-old and greatly appreciated by fans as each brew is lovingly created through a hands-on, complex brewing process. The result is that no two brews are the same while the beer is in development and the unveiling of a new craft brew is cause for celebration among the craft beer community.

Galway Bay Brewery will be expanding to include brewery tours, talks on the craft of brewing with the Brewer himself and plans to serve their finest products in select city restaurants from November. Eventually, leading to distribution across Ireland and overseas. This is the latest business venture from Jason O’Connell and Niall Walsh, the Galway natives responsible for The Cottage, The Oslo and The Salthouse.

Cheers for craft beers!

We brew our own: Full Sail, Bay Ale, Stormy Port and Buried at Sea. Keep an eye on our rotational tap for limited edition brews too! We also have a huge range of imported and local bottled beers.

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226 Upper Salthill, Ireland
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Heathen. 3.0% ABV, black sour. Dark as night and deceptively crisp, tart and refreshing. Going to keg today. Hitting taps tomorrow and Friday

Posted 4 days, 8 hours ago

Tomorrow we're packaging a new brew for our (almost late) Xmas release! We'll post more details tomorrow, but I can tell you that this is an Xmas brew like no other!

Posted 5 days, 8 hours ago

This station is now operational

Posted 1 month ago

Bottling line sitting in place awaiting commissioning on Monday. Our space is finally coming together!

Posted 1 month, 1 week ago

Yesterday was one of our craziest to record. Among a brew of Via Maris & Of Foam and Fury, alongside our (hopefully final) manual packaging day, we had LOADS of new arrivals! Two reconditioned tanks arrived, our new shiny bottling line and the most wonderful barrels! These are ex-Rum Barrels that previously held the fantastic Single Grain whiskey from the lovely folk at Teeling Whiskey Company. These barrels arrived to us fresh and were filled last night in the wee hours with our exceptional Two Hundred Fathoms, to be released in late Jan. It's going to be special!

Posted 1 month, 1 week ago

A nice mention for Against The Grain Dublin in the New York Times.

Bike along the Liffey River, peel back layers of Ireland’s history, dig into a booming culinary scene and, sure, go for a Guinness during a weekend in the Irish capital.

Posted 1 month, 1 week ago

36 Hours in Dublin

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