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Going from strength to strength

Over the last few years, the craft beer industry in Ireland has gone from strength to strength, with approximately 14 microbreweries operating in Ireland today. Beer connoisseurs from across the country seek out brew pubs in favour of the mainstream bars. The process of brewing is age-old and greatly appreciated by fans as each brew is lovingly created through a hands-on, complex brewing process. The result is that no two brews are the same while the beer is in development and the unveiling of a new craft brew is cause for celebration among the craft beer community.

Galway Bay Brewery will be expanding to include brewery tours, talks on the craft of brewing with the Brewer himself and plans to serve their finest products in select city restaurants from November. Eventually, leading to distribution across Ireland and overseas. This is the latest business venture from Jason O’Connell and Niall Walsh, the Galway natives responsible for Oslo and The Salthouse.

Cheers for craft beers!

We brew our own: Full Sail, Bay Ale, Stormy Port and Buried at Sea. Keep an eye on our rotational tap for limited edition brews too! We also have a huge range of imported and local bottled beers.

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Galway Bay Brewery shared The Gasworks Bar's event.

We at Gasworks couldn't let the Fourth of July/Independence Day just fly on past without a nod to yer ones out West! To mark the occasion we've worked on getting some delicious US beers lined up for y'all. On tap we will have brand new kegs off - STONE IPA & STONE ARROGANT BASTARD (hurrah!) alongside Sierra Celebration and Founders Pale. We'll have bottles of Victory Prima Pils and Founders Centennial cans on offer as well!

Posted 41 minutes ago

Galway Bay Brewery shared Against The Grain Dublin's photo.

Ah lads, we've only gone and tapped up a fresssh keg of Stone IPA from Stone Brewing Berlin! Hell yes.

Posted 1 hour, 42 minutes ago

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Positions available throughout GBB bars! Come and join the team :) Email CV's over to

Come join the team here at ATG! Bar and waiting positions available, just email your CV over to 👍 #WeCraftBeer

Posted 2 hours, 27 minutes ago

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Next wednesday the 6th of July we are having our monthly Beer club, last months was a massive sucess. Now we have hit the summer we have seen some fantastic beers from some fantastic breweries released, and we will be trying to deliver some of them next week. As it was in the last one, it only costs €10 a head and that means to get upto 6 different tasters of beers. So if you are interested in coming along, drop me a quick DM and ill tell you everything you need to know.

Posted 22 hours, 31 minutes ago

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Beer Traders

Galway Bay Brewery shared Dave On Beer's photo.

#FridayFocusBeer - Buried At Sea by @galwaybeer Welcome to the weekend folks! The calendar says it's summer... Well if the calendar says it's summer, that's good enough for me. Mind you it could snow later... Anyway, I've decided to go back to one of my old friends this week. I know I showed you a stout last week, and I do normally try to mix things up a bit, but I had one of these a few days ago and figured you fine folk deserve to know about it. And frankly, this is my page so I can if I want! :D Buried At Sea is a chocolate milk stout by Galway Bay Brewery. Let that sink in a moment. "Did he say chocolate milk??" Yes. He. Did. This folks, is really good. Galway Bay describe it as "Rich, Dark and Decadent". Now I don't know if its ancient-Roman-on-a-couch-being-fed-grapes-by-a-slave decadent, but it's definitely in the same room. This isn't a hint of chocolate that you'll barely notice, the chocolate is right up there with the rest of the tastes. They add dark chocolate and milk sugars (not one for the lactose intolerant I'm afraid) during the brewing process. Like actual chocolate. If Willy Wonka made beer, he'd make this. It's really really dark. Jet black in the glass with just a hint of ruby if you hold it up to the light. Depending on whether you get it from a bottle or on draught, the head can be a little different. On tap they use nitro so there's a finer head in the Guinness style but in bottle there's no widget so the head is looser and foamier. Either way it still works. It's not a particularly strong smelling beer for the style, but you can get nice subtle chocolate and malt aromas if you take a little sniff. G'wan! Fill yer lungs - ya know ya wanta! It's (as with all beers really) when you taste it that the magic happens. An instant hit of chocolate - they really made this work well you know. Combined with the malt and the milk sugars, you get this lovely sweet chocolate malt combination quickly followed by a bit of roasted barley and coffee common to most stouts. With just a hint of bitterness to round out the profile, you can really get your teeth into this one. At a nicely workable 4.5%, and not as heavy as some stouts, this is really worth a try.

Posted 4 days, 22 hours ago

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Time for something a bit different? Chocolate milk stout from Galway Bay Brewery. Brewed with milk sugars & chocolate to give rich flavours & body that goes down smooth. Nice one! #craftbeer #lovesligo #wildatlanticway #irishcraftbeer

Posted 4 days, 22 hours ago

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