Wateringhole for the rich and famous, the ordinary Joe soap, the hard working, the work seeking, for beer lovers and food lovers alike, the people’s pub… We have a huge range of imported and local bottled beer.

  • Monday to Thursday 12pm - 12am
  • Friday and Saturday 12pm - 1am
  • Sunday 12pm - 12am
  • Kitchen Hours 12pm - 10pm

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61 Capel Street
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Phone: 089 613 2544
E-mail: blacksheep@galwaybaybrewery.com

Currently On Tap

Our friendly and knowledgable staff can guide you! Lines are cleaned after every keg to ensure each beer is enjoyed in tip-top condition.

Beer Name Brewery Beer Style ABV Size Price More
Bay Ale Galway Bay Brewery Irish Red Ale 4.4% Pint €6.75
Althea Galway Bay Brewery Modern Hazy Pale Ale 4.80% Pint €6.75
Full Sail Galway Bay Brewery Dry Hopped IPA 5.80% Pint €6.75
OSTARA Galway Bay Brewery NITRO STOUT 5% Pint €6.50
Slow Lives Helles Galway Bay Brewery German Style LagerBier 5.00% Pint €6.75
La Chouffe Brasserie d'Achouffe Strong Ale - Belgian Pale 8.00% 33cl €6.90
Veltins Brauerei C.& A Veltins Pale Pilsner 4.80% 0.5L €6.75
Hefe Weissbier Weihnstephaner German Wheat Beer 5.40% 0.5L €6.75
Bru Lager (Gluten Free) Bru Brewery Irish Lager 4.20% Pint €6.75
Prosecco (Frizzante) Rival Frizzante Prosecco ON TAP 11.00% 175ml €7.50
MacIvors Medium MacIvors Irish Medium Cider 4.50% Pint €6.75
ORANGE VELVET LERVIG Milkshake IPA with Tangerines 5.50% 33cl €6.70
Zingibeer (Gingerbeer) Persistence Brewing Company (DUBLIN) Irish Ginger Beer 4.00% Pint €6.75
FLAGGY SHORE Galway Bay Brewery Oyster Stout (NITRO) 😍😍😍 4.5% Pint €6.50
BRU stout BRU Nitro stout 5.50% Pint €6.50
AIKAU Galway Bay Brewery Red Ale - American Amber / Red 4% Pint €6.75
Weights + Measures Galway Bay Brewery Session IPA 3 Pint €6.75
Evil Laugh Galway Bay Brewery IPA - American 6.4% Stem(33cl) €5.50
CYSTOSEIRA Garage Beer Co. IPA - American 7% Stem(33cl) €8.75
Hop Bomb Bru Brewery India Pale Ale 5.5% Pint €5.75
Tarte Diem Third Barrel Brewing Pineapple Sour - Fruited+ 4.5% Pint €6.80
Lagoma Galway Bay Brewery Sour - Fruited 5.00% Stem(33cl) €5.50
Chocolate Truffle Stout The Porterhouse Brew Co. The Porterhouse Brew Co. 4.2 Pint €6.50
The Good News Galway Bay Brewery IPA - Session 4.5% Pint €6.75
PONDER LINEMAN IPA - Cold 6% Stem(33cl) €5.00
Festbier Galway Bay Brewery Oktoberfest Lager 5.8% Pint €6.75