Enjoy real beer and honest food at The Brew Dock. Conveniently located next to Busarus, Connolly Station and the IFSC. Whether you want to read your paper and look out over the city, catch up with your friends, or play a few games of Jenga, we have the perfect place for you. We have a huge range of imported and local bottled beers.

  • Sunday to Thursday 12pm - 12am
  • Friday and Saturday 12pm - 1am

Avoid disappointment! Book your table in advance.

1 Amiens Street
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Phone: (01) 888 1842
E-mail: brewdock@galwaybaybrewery.com

Currently On Tap

Our friendly and knowledgable staff can guide you! Lines are cleaned after every keg to ensure each beer is enjoyed in tip-top condition.

Beer Name Brewery Beer Style ABV Size Price More
Bay Ale Galway bay brewery Traditional Irish red ale 4.40% Pint €6.50
Full Sail Galway bay brewery India pale ale 5.80% Pint €6.50
Althea Galway Bay Hazy APA 4.80% Pint €6.50
Weights And Measures Galway bay brewery Session ipa 3.00% Pint €6.50
Ostara Galway Bay Brewery Irish stout-Dry 5.00% Pint €6.50
Bru Stout Bru Brewery Irish Stout 4.2% Pint €6.50
Triból Galway Bay Brewery Czech Pilsner 4.5% Pint €6.50
Veltins Pilsner Veltins Brewery German pilsner 4.8% Pint €6.50
McIvors Medium Cider McIvors Cider Company Cider 4.8% Pint €6.50
Battle Axe Rascals Kveik Hazy Pale Ale 5.5% Stem €4.85
Instant Gratification Third Barrel DDH IPA 6% Stem €4.85
Zingibeer Persistence Brewing Co Hard Ginger Beer 4% Pint €6.50
Slow Lives Galway Bay Brewery Helles lager 5.00% Pint €6.50
Of Foam and Fury Galway Bay Brewery Double IPA 8.5% Stem €6.00
BRÚ LAGER Bru Brewery Gluten Free Lager 5.2% Pint €6.25
BRÚ IPA Bru Brewery IPA 5.00% Pint €6.50
Bitter Pil Galway Bay Brewery Czech Pale Lager 5.00% Pint €6.75
Sour Suzy Lervig Aktiebryggeri Berliner Weisse 4.00% Stem €4.75
Some Dance to Forget Third Barrel Triple IPA 10.00% Stem €6.70
Flaggy Shore Galway Bay Brewery Irish stout 4.5% Pint €6.50
Sunny Little Thing Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. American Pale Wheat Beer 5.00% Stem €4.85
Idle Chatter Boundary Pale Ale 4.5% Stem €5.85