Paddle and Peel is Galway Bay Brewery’s neighbourhood bar with Best Pizza.

We have an amazing selection of Irish and world craft beers, while our pizza chef cooks up tasty fresh pizza. Visit us for the great buzz, knowledgable staff and great friendly service.

Avoid disappointment! Book your table in advance.

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199 King Street North,
Dublin 7
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Our friendly and knowledgable staff can guide you! Lines are cleaned after every keg to ensure each beer is enjoyed in tip-top condition.

Beer Name Brewery Beer Style ABV Size Price More
Full Sail Galway Bay Brewery IPA 5.80% Pint €6.25
Althea Galway Bay Brewery Session IPA 4.80% Pint €6.25
Buried At Sea Galway Bay Brewery Sweet Milk Stout 4.50% Pint €6.25
Bay Ale Galway Bay Brewery Irish Red Ale 4.40% Pint €6.25
Weights & Measures Galway Bay Brewery Session Citra IPA 3.00% Pint €6.25
Of Foam And Fury Galway Bay Brewery Double IPA 8.50% 33cl €5.50
Slow Lives Galway Bay Brewery Helles Lager 5.00% Pint €6.25
Slow Lives Galway Bay Brewery Helles Lager 5.00% Pint €6.25
Bitter Pil Galway Bay Brewery CZECH PALE LAGER 5.00% Pint €6.75
Stormy Port Galway Bay Brewery Irish Plain Porter 4.80% Pint €6.50
Nz Pils Motueja
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Hefe Weissbier Weihnstephaner German Wheat Beer 5.40% 0.5L €6.50
Veltins Pilsner Brauerei C.& A Veltins Pale Czech Pilsner 4.80% 0.5L €6.50
Dan Kelly'S Cider
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Stout (Nitro) Bru Brewery Irish NITRO stout 4.20% Pint €6.50
Lager (Gluten Free) Bru Brewery Irish Lager 4.20% Pint €6.50
La Chouffe Brasserie d'Achouffe Strong Ale - Belgian Pale 8.00% 33cl €6.50