At The Beer Market, situated beside Dublin’s Christchurch Cathedral, we serve a wide variety of local and international craft beers, with a huge range of whiskeys and spirits. The Beer Market serves the finest craft beers from around the world. It’s a bar for anybody passionate about the quality of the beer they drink, and for those keen to expand their beer drinking horizons. We also serve food daily from 12 to 10pm…

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13 High Street
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Phone: (01) 244 4917

Our friendly and knowledgable staff can guide you! Lines are cleaned after every keg to ensure each beer is enjoyed in tip-top condition.

Beer Name Brewery Beer Style ABV Size Price More
Weights & Measures Galway Bay Brewery Session IPA 3.00% Pint €5.00
Slow Lives Galway Bay Brewery Helles Style Larger 5.00% Pint €6.00
Althea Galway Bay Brewery Pale Ale 4.80% Pint €6.00
Of Foam & Fury Galway Bay Brewery Double IPA 8.50% 33cl €5.50
Bay Ale Galway Bay Brewery Red Ale 4.40% Pint €6.00
Marzen Galway Bay Brewery Oktoberfest Larger 5.80% Pint €6.50
Full Sail Galway Bay Brewery IPA 5.80% Pint €6.00
Stormy Port Galway Bay Brewery Porter 4.80% Pint €6.00
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Slow Lives
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Stormy Port
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Oktoberfest Galway Bay Brewery Marzen Lager 5.80% Pint €6.50
Macivors Medium MacIvors Cidery Armagh Medium Cider 4.80% Pint €6.50
Guinness Guinness Stout 4.30% Pint €5.00
Mandrain Crush Trouble Brewing Larger 5.50% Pint €6.75
Houblon Chouffe
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Voodoo Logic Trouble Brewing Imperial Stout 9.20% 33cl €5.00
Pirate Bay YellowBelly Session IPA 4.50% Pint €6.50
Helles Fischers Helles Lager 5.00% Pint €6.20
Weissbrau Erdinger Weiss 5.30% Pint €6.50